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The Globe is shrinking under the influences of Globalization, the distances are getting shorter due to connectivity and improved means of communication and life is on our fingertips with “on the go androids”. Just, what is getting more and more difficult is getting connected to the people of our choice and preference. We are too busy to invest in “exploring people” to find someone “just right” to go with what we look in life. This dilemma is more pronounced when you get richer and even have lesser time for casual socializing. This is where dating and match making sites make it easy for you.

Rich Singles Online is one such site connecting rich men and women who find it otherwise difficult to find the mate of their choice. The stated objective of the site “Our website help like-minded rich singles find others like them, renew their dating life, make friendships, and even find the love of their life. If you can’t wait any longer to enjoy the love life you think you deserve, join our website today” makes it evidently clear.

Here are some exciting features about the site:

A little about the history of Rich Singles Online

The site was launched in 2001 and claims to have doctors, lawyers, celebrities, CEO’s, models and well known personalities on their members list. The site boasts of some 2.6 million quality members and being featured on CNN, ABC, CBS and also voted as “Best of the Web” by The site claims to be the largest and first millionaire dating site ever.

The Landing page

The landing page of the site is gracefully simple with minimal details (keeping it simple concept perhaps). It is unlike most other dating and match making site with fewer flashy images, enticing offers and irritating calls to actions. The visual presentation is smart and catchy with a pretty couple occupying the most space on the top one third of the landing page.

A quick search dialogue box allows you a quick interaction with the site and a chance to explore the potential of the site to find a mate of your choice. Members from both genders have the option to set the search parameters for an age limit for 18-99, country choice of over 50 countries. You can refine the search by adding in the state or province to find a match close enough and physically accessible.

A little down the landing page you would find images of some of the featured members (without any introduction or clickable follow through action). The section could have been far more interesting if the featured members were introduced to the visitor or their images could lead the visitor to their page with a click.

Thereafter, the site welcomes you to the landing page and explains the purpose of the site and what visitors can expect by joining the site (something like this “Different members here are looking for different things. Some are in search of a soul mate, some want a companion to talk to, and some are interested in a casual friendship. You can check out the profiles of enlisted members to learn more about them, like the kind of music or food they like, their hobbies and interests, and their reason for being here”).


The site is open to registration for only specified countries of the world and most members belong to US, Canada, Australia and UK.

What makes Rich Singles Online different

The site has a more pronounced customer support mechanism as compared to most of its competitors. The 24/7 free phone contact, date counseling, email support are some of the cool customer support features. Additionally, the site allows the freedom of income and picture verification to the members to keep the contact as real as possible.

Moreover, the site allows the members to show their verified assets to prove their worthiness and compatibility with members of similar tastes and financial preferences. Members can filter out unwanted members of the lower shade to find the mates of their choice.

Privacy of the members

While allowing the members to communicate freely, the site adds in features that allow members to keep their emails hidden from unwanted viewing. Moreover, members can opt to allow viewing of their photos by certain members of their choice only while keeping them restricted from others.

Safety and Security

The site is secured by one of the most trusted antivirus protection (Norton) and the payments system for membership is just as secure as it can get. You can safely perform transactions with the site without any fear of your credit card data being stolen or your personal information being used for any unauthorized purposes.



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